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Inspiration everywhere

Inspiration everywhere

For the person who appreciates that there is nothing new under the sun. Like our name says, our design inspiration is a mixture of our foothills and flatland roots and also the roots of our experiences, which includes much of the world and the influence of other peoples. Inspiration is everywhere!

Partnering to do good

Partnering to do good

Our Healthy Africa Pendant was designed for the Zambia Mission Fund’s Women’s Health Initiative to help bring cancer awareness to Zambia. Together we can help put an end to preventable deaths. | Your support of our handmade, heart-made jewelry helps these artisans give generously to others.

Made to fit many styles

Made to fit many styles

Jewelry that is earthy, eclectic and classic. We design pieces that appeal to the simple down-home style or the earthy traveler in search of connection between humans and nature. Made by an artist and a man in boots, our jewelry is designed to appeal to as sundry a group as we.

Handmade, One-of-a-kind Jewelry

Handmade, One-of-a-kind Jewelry

All of our jewelry is unique & handmade by yours truly. It’s valuable as a handmade piece in a world where machine-made is quickly replacing the artisan. We believe in art for the sake of connecting humans to craft, not simply to generate profit or provide endless copies. Our methods ensure that no two pieces are exactly alike.  Sometimes, less is more.





Healthy Africa

Foothills&Flats Design Co. & Zambia Mission Fund

Handmade Sterling Silver Healthy Africa Pendant Necklace- $65.00- Hand carved, Hand cast & Uniquely designed for Zambia Mission Fund. 100% of proceeds goes to purchase supplies to provide free cervical cancer screening to Zambian Women. Order your necklace today.

Join us in the Fight Against Cervical Cancer in Zambia

Deeply woven into the beginnings of our company is the desire to use our craft to help others. Our company truly started when our first collection of pendants was designed to raise money for a trip to Zambia for the Women's Wellness Day Conference on cervical cancer. As we made our travel themed designs we began to realize the possibility of a business that had philanthropy at it's core, designing for others. That inspired us to design a pendant to support the efforts of the Women's Wellness initiative, an effort to spread cancer awareness in Southern Zambia. Zambia tops the charts in cervical cancer deaths, recently ranking number one in the world. Women are dying unneccesarily because they simply do not know the need for screening or have access to it. We seek to prevent these deaths all across Africa by starting with a powerful community in Southern Zambia and charging these women to tell others. So many in the world have been touched by cancer and yet there are still pockets of the world where women have no knowledge of this disease.

The Women's Wellness Initiative seeks not to simply alert these women to the problem but also be a part of the solution by providing access to screening and information and by charging them with the responsibility to tell others. At the 2015 Women's Wellness Day Event in Zambia, we asked 600 Zambian women and thousands more over live radio to take the pledge to tell two others about cervical cancer. We're looking for those here that will take that pledge too. Those who choose to donate for the Healthy Africa Pendant are not only providing financial support to make this effort happen but also providing the voice to ask others to join us.

When you donate your money goes directly to the non-profit's Women's Wellness Initiative to purchase supplies for free cervical cancer screenings for the women of Zambia.

By wearing or giving a Healthy Africa Pendant, you have the chance to start a conversation about the fight against cervical cancer deaths in Africa with every person who sees your necklace. Each necklace is $65 and 100% of the proceeds will go to the supplies necessary to provide free cervical cancer screenings to women in Zambia.

Order your Healthy Africa Necklace Here


 Click to learn more about the Women's Wellness Initiative


Would you like to commission a design for your non-profit or organization? Please contact via email at to discuss the possibility of using a pendant necklace to raise support or awareness for your organization.

About Us



Foothills&Flats Design Co. is a husband & wife duo. It all started with a wedding... no, not just the marriage but the company too. Our affections for silversmithing really took off after Ben cast his own wedding ring (the week of the wedding.) We were enamored by the matte finish of the delft clay casting and the immense feeling of having created something so meaningful with our own hands.

Our name is Foothills&Flats because of the two parts that make up this company, a Tennessee boy and a Texas girl. On the one hand, our roots very much influence our work and our style but on the other hand, it's just a starting point. It also represents life's unrelenting tendency for juxtaposition. Some of the most beautiful things are created out of the combination of things that seem to contrast one another, mountains and plains, land and sea, familiar and exotic. We believe that, like us, it's possible to be two things at once and over time you'll see that juxtaposition in our designs as well.

Our jewelry is earthy and eclectic. It appeals to the simple down-home style or the traveler in search of the connection between all humans. Designed for the person who appreciates that there is nothing new under the sun and that all things are influenced by another and connected. A coalescence of the human-culture, a mixture of the roots where we came from and the roots of our experiences, which includes much of the world and the influence of other peoples. We believe in it's value as a handmade piece in a world where mass-produced machine made is replacing the artisan. We believe in art for the sake of connecting humans to craft, not simply to generate profit or provide endless copies. Sometimes it’s better to limit the reach. That’s what makes it unique.

That's what makes us all unique. We're all a little like that first wedding ring, cast from such precious material, unique in our creation & raw and imperfect until our Maker comes along to give us the perfect finish.

-Jessalyn & Ben